making a pedant light fixture with cardboard




Waffle Fin and Vince blanket from @hellolittlepage

This is our first summer project and we are so delighted with the result. Gretta my oldest did most of the work and had a lot of fun doing it. The other day we realized that Lemon our youngest needed a lamp for her bedroom because we only have a nightlight and the overhead light. we need something in the middle. You know?  we already had the hanging light fixture we just need it to spiff it up. The beautiful thing about an idea is that you just have to take action and see how it turns out. Well let me just say again we LOVE the result. And we love recycling cardboard!





Hot-Glue + Gun


 Hanging Pendant Light Fixture

petal pattern


1. Pick out your cardboard you wan to recycle

2. Draw and trace you petals. You can make any size you want ours are 5 inches long

3. Once petals cut out assemble like a flower them to make sure you have enough of them.

4. We cut out 14 and had 3 or 4 left over

5. Add two coats of any paint allow to dry in between coats.

6. You will need hot glue to get it assembled to the light fixture pedant

7. When assembling  make sure that you add enough  hot glue to the light fixture when you are attaching the top of your petal. For the following petal make sure that it is glued about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch on top of your previews petal. Look at image 7 for reference. Keep going till you completed the full circle and you are done!


hope you make it and enjoy!


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